Show Notes


Episode #3: Jonathan Meiburg - "Restless and Relaxed"

Jonathan Meiburg is a bonafide rock star.  But for the past twenty years, when he isn't touring or cutting a new album, Jonathan has been routinely drawn to the Falkland Islands and the striated caracara, a rare falcon whose brain has been found to be strangely human.  He's also one of the most creatively generous people we know.  Which is why we asked him to be the composer for The Well.  We hope you enjoy this in-house interview as much as we enjoyed making it.

An excerpt of Branan Edgens' "Time Indefinite" featuring Anson and Jonathan.


Jonathan holding a striated caracara.  To the left is falconer Geoff Pearson.

Photo credit: Sean McCann.


For more information on Jonathan's band Shearwater, visit


BONUS EPISODE: "Who's Your Superhero?"

Ellen Woglom with her mother Sarah Barnes.


Mike and Richelle Moh.


Eme Ikwuakor and his father Killian.


Sonya Balmores' husband Kanoa had a hero of his own: his father Terry, pictured here.


Episode #2: "Don't Mess With Rocky"

Actor Ken Leung shared with us the story of his brother's untimely death and how that experience led him toward true presence and the realization that "there will be a next thing."


Ken Leung (right) puts a protective arm around his little brother Kevin, circa 1981.


The Leung family.


Episode #1: "The Two Brothers"

Dr. Kelly Gleason Keogh shared with us the harrowing story of Captain George Pollard, the man behind the inspiration for Herman Melville's Moby Dick, as well as her own story of uncovering the last chapter of the his life: the wreckage of The Two Brothers.


The photo (left) depicts Dr. Gleason holding a rare find: a whaling harpoon belonging to The Two Brothers whaling vessel.  French Frigate Shoals, northwest Hawaiian Islands.


Dr. Kelly Gleason Keogh inspecting her first piece of evidence: the absolutely massive anchor of The Two Brothers.

For an absolutely stunning underwater tour of The Two Brothers wreck site, it is hosted at Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument website:



     We've been friends a long time.  The thing that binds us the most is a shared curiosity about the world and the people around us.  We're constantly finding ourselves caught up in fascinating conversations with interesting people, so we decided to make a podcast; one that could explore personalities differently.  Instead of focusing on what people do, we want to know what drives them to do what they do, how they excel, and how they think outside the box.  So The Well was born.  

      In creating this podcast, we've had conversations with celebrities, musicians, a biologist, a maritime historian, a football coach, a clothing designer, a professional wrestler and more.  Each of them provides a different facet on the subject of creative thinking, and each has a story about what inspires them.  We hope you'll join us.