The Drop – Part 3 – “The Port Loophole”

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Anson shares stories from his trip to Portugal. Branan and Anson share what’s making them excited in the worlds of film, TV, books and podcasts. Anson pours some port and Branan tells the amazing story of “The Port Loophole”. NOTE: Listen and find out how you can become a co-producer of an upcoming episode (which involves helping him to not die on a deserted island).

Michael Rosenbaum – “The Power of Fear” – TWP051

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Michael and Anson go back a while, but it’s also been a minute since they’ve seen each other. Two friends analyze the odd truths that come with age; then Michael discusses his relationship to fear, and how meeting that fear head-on through music has led him to greater growth and happiness.

You can find Left on Laurel’s first album “Saved By The Ground” on iTunes or by clicking here. You can also find their facebook page here.

The Drop – Part 2

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Branan shares his adventures in Greece, he and Anson share what they’re reading and listening to this autumn season, and they catch up with Leon “The Martini Samurai” Ingulsrud.

If you’d like to learn more about the Greek island of Delos, there are many resources on line including this article and the Delos museum website.

Dr. Robert Sapolsky’s book BEHAVE helps us understand why and how we do the things we do. Buy it here.

Take a look at this video of Dr. Sapolsky discussing his book on Book TV here.

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Malcolm Gladwell can be found here.

You can buy Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves here, and you can also find it on audible.

The Hmongumentary Podcast can be found here. Hmongumentary is a play on the word “Hmong” and the word “documentary.” The Hmong people have a history of resilience and adapting to the larger, dominant culture. But what does this evolution actually look like? What gets compromised and what is gained in the process? This podcast explores what it means to be part of the Hmong community whether you live in it or not; whether you’re Hmong or not. Hmong people do not have a country and are scattered across the globe so what’s keeping us together?

Scott Carrier’s “Home of the Brave” podcast can be found here.

DE STAAT – Torre Florim is the ambitious young man behind DE STAAT, bringing innovation and a much-needed sense of fun to the business of making popular music. This first video caught the world’s attention for the strong and creepy visuals and won many music video awards.  Their next album featured the song PEP TALK, about breaking up. The music video for it is one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen and includes a sly inside joke referencing the WITCHDOCTOR video.

Welcome to THE DROP! – Part 1

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We did it! We have a title for our weird little, between-season installments. Thanks to Mee Chang and to Bogdan Orlic for helping us find it!

Mentioned in this episode:

Sebadoh’s official site can be found here.

You can order “A Canticle for Lebowitz” here. And you can learn more about Walter M. Miller, Jr. here.

You can order “The Animal Dialogues” here.

You can find the podcast “S-Town” here.

“Call Your Dad” – TWP050

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Anson asks Branan to delve into his father’s mysterious past, a request which leads our hosts into a discussion about aging, the vagaries of the unconscious, and the incredible power of responsibility. Now call your dad.

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Radiolab’s amazing episode “What’s Up, Doc?”

Travel Light by Jason Shaw is provided via a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license.

Jake Weber – “The Photograph” – TWP049

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Many years ago, Anson saw a photograph on Jake’s wall. It was a young Mick Jagger sitting next to an eight year old boy. When Anson asked if the boy was Jake’s younger self, he only got a one word answer: “Yeah.” Fifteen years later, Jake finally shares the story of how that photograph came to be on his wall and the heartbreaking childhood surrounding it.

“Treated Acoustic Guitar” is provided by Sleep You Resting Giant via a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

“Overdriven Melancholic Guitar” is provided by Monplaisir via a Creative Commons 1.0 Universal license.

Some photos from Dominique Tarle’s book “Exile”.

Dr. Douglas Vakoch, Part 2 – “To Work Without Guarantees” – TWP048

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Our species cannot comprehend the time and distances inherent in interstellar communication. But noone understands this conundrum better than astrobiologist Douglas Vakoch. A year and a half after our first interview we catch up with his METI project to find out what it is like to dedicate one’s life to the longest term project in the history of human endeavor.

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Georgina Torbet

Sonar Calling – The organization that collaborated with METI to send music to a distant solar system.

His Master’s Voice by Stanislav Lem

Carl Sagan’s hysterical but brilliant description of Flatland.