Eric Zala – “Raiders of the Lost Youth” – TWP060


Eric and his buddies decided they would make a shot-for-shot remake of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  The only problem?  They were just kids.  But they had a secret weapon at their disposal: they were just kids.

Interested listeners may watch the fan film itself, and see those moments as described, at

Special thanks to John Hudgens.  Additional music for this episode provided by Audiorezout under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial International license.

The Drop – Part 16-Athena Part 1


In this installment of The Drop Branan and Anson discuss and highly recommend the astonishing film ATHENA by Romain Gavras and film critic Bilgi Ebiri stops by to help us articulate what makes this such an amazing film. Also, Branan and Anson perform an original play written by artificial intelligence.

Jello Biafra – “How to make Jello” – TWP059


One of our cultural heroes, Jello Biafra is a legendary figure in the punk rock scene and a spoken word artist and politician. He joins us to discus how he found his unique voice and how to weather the slings and arrows of our chaotic political reality. His solution? Wicked humor.

WHATRYADOIN’ – Jack Hitt, Part 3 “Crystal Ballz”


Back in April of 2020 author and journalist Jack Hitt sat down with us to discuss the beginings of the pandemic and make a few predictions. Over two years later we emerge from our basements and closets to check the accuracy of those predictions and we are once again visted by the ghost of Ignaz Semmelweis. What did we get right and what did we get wrong? Have any lessons been learned?

Vijay Gupta – Part 2 – “The Call” – TWP057


Imagine getting an anonymous phone call.  The person on the other end tells you that, not only has your work been recognized by group of world recognized artists and innovators, but they are also going to inject your bank account with enough money to change your work and, yes, your life.  That’s what happened to Vijay Gupta.  Here’s our episode about Vijay’s induction into the MacArthur Foundation’s Fellows program and the strange history of the so-called “Genius Grant.”

Vijay’s album “When the Violin…” can be found here.

Vijay Gupta, Part 1 – “Saying Yes” – TWP056


When a virtuoso violinist realizes he has yet to develop his own artistic voice, nor any idea of how to accomplish that task, he is face with a choice: continue a lonely descent into angst, or learn to say “yes”. Here’s the story of how he chose the latter and developed a powerful friendship in the process.

You can find Vijay’s album “When the Violin” here.

You can find out more about “Street Symphony” here.

You can find Steve Lopez’s book “The Soloist” here.