Lou Barlow, Part 1 – “A Partial History of Lou Barlow” – TWP021


Lou Barlow’s creative output goes by many names, Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., Folk Implosion, Sentridoh, and Loobiecore. Throughout his career he’s carved out a niche for himself as a the unofficial godfather of low-fi folk music and/or emo. For some he is the Bob Dylan of the alternative music scene; uninhibited, brutally honest, sensitive and a touch avant garde.  Our own Branan Edgens has been a big fan for over 25 years and is excited for you to join him on part 1 “A Partial History of Lou Barlow”.


Music from this episode in order of appearance:

“Poledo” – Dinosaur Jr. 

“Meaningless Dead End” – Sentridoh

“Severed Lips” – Dinosaur Jr. 

“My Own Religion/Ride the Darker Wave” – Sebadoh

“Brand New Love” – Sebadoh

“The Freed Pig” – Sebadoh

“Sexual Confusion” – Sebadoh

“Natural One” – The Folk Implosion

“Free To Go” – The Folk Implosion

“Caterpillar Girl” – Lou Barlow

“Goin’ Down” – Dinosaur Jr.