The Drop – Part 22


Branan and Anson broadcast from a rooftop in Toronto accompanied by the soothing sounds of a nearby house renovation. In this Drop: Star Trek set tour, Moondog, Hermanos Gutiérrez, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, MANIAC by Benjamin Labatut,  THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH by James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds, Emergence Magazine’s “Winds of Awe and Fear” by Nick Hunt and Ethernal Damnation’s INDXcoin.

And here, as read by Branan, the original apology video posted by Eli Regalado regarding his crypto currency investigation.

Rod Lurie – “My Blood & Bones” – TWP065


Film Director Rod Lurie was in Bulgaria, deep into pre-production for his film “The Outpost” when he got the call that his son Hunter had suffered a sudden cardiac event. What you are about to hear is a story of loss, but also one of victory through the very decision to keep going.

Special thanks to Rod Lurie for sharing his story with us. Happy Father’s Day.

Extra music provided by Poddington Bear under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 International license.

The Drop – Part 21


In this episode: Back surgery, heart ablation, genetic memory, the eternal jellyfish, Jules Verne, big leather books, The Heart Goes Last, The Curse, Uncut Gems, Safdie’s music choices, squid games game show, Alice in Borderland, Connections, James burke, Incan potatoes, hulked out grasses, The Holdovers featuring the mysterious Andrew Garmen, and Anson and Branan get Verklempt reading a listener review.

TWP064 – Andrew Cumming -“Out of Darkness”


Anson and Branan are still banging on about OUT OF DARKNESS and we are thrilled to have the film’s director Andrew Cumming join us for a chat from the far-flung Shetland islands. Mentioned in this episode: Learning to be a caveman, William Golding’s “The Inheritors”, “Quest for Fire”. “Clan of Cave Bear”, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari and shooting in remote locations during COVID in the harsh Scottish winter. WARNING: Spoilers within! If you have not seen the film we suggest seeing it now that it is streaming. #OutOfDarkness @SignatureEntUK

The Drop – part 19


In this episode: Learning Sequences, Mosquitoes on Rainy Lake and other mosquito nightmares, BEEF,  painted nails, pizza tours, THE HARVEST, attending the world premiere of OPPENHEIMER, SAG Strike, the heaviest film ever made and what we all suspected about men and sports cars in now scientific fact.