Mac Barnett, Part 2 – “What Is Water?” – TWP33

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Mac knew he wanted to be a children’s book author. But how does one go about that? Join us to find out how Mac carved his way through a conventional education in an unconventional way, studied life and art with literary giant David Foster Wallace, and managed to land his first book deal.

Mac Barnett, Part 1 – “The Golden Ticket” – TWP032

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As a child, Mac desperately wanted to believe that there was a magical world in which anything was possible. Later, when he began working with children, he began to realize that world was real, and that he could help to shape it. Join us as we venture deep into the heart of The Chocolate Factory.

Xzibit, Part 1 – “Moral Compass” – TWP029

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When Alvin Joiner was sixteen, he lost his home, his family, and his direction in life. Eventually, after living a life of violence and anger, he decided to make a change. But his past would come back to haunt him in a strange but familiar voice, the one that had been implanted in him by his long deceased mother: his conscience.

Todd Komarnicki, Part 3 – “Discipline” – TWP028

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Most writers will tell you that their most useful weapon is self-discipline. During our interview with Todd Komarnicki, he shared with us a useful insight into this concept. All that, and take a hike with Branan and Anson as they try to uncover the whereabouts of missing beavers!

Todd Komarnicki, Part 2 – “Christmas Movies” – TWP027

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Todd produced what has become one of the seminal Christmas movies of all time: “Elf”. Join us as Todd unveils the little-known cookies hidden inside his film that allude to many other holiday classics, and why Christmas movies have to power to make us laugh, cry and hug.

Todd Komarnicki, Part 1 – “Spectacularly Saved” – TWP026

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Writer/Producer Todd Komarnicki is a man of profound love and profound faith. Both have served his pursuits as an artist. Join Anson & Branan as they venture deep into a Christmas story that took them over a year to unearth: how Todd once lost his faith, and in-so-doing, almost lost his life. Happy holidays to one and all.

Season One Finale – TWP024

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Anson and Branan recap the first season of The Well Podcast and talk about plans for season 2.  Also, Anson talks about filming “Star Trek: Discovery” and what it’s like to join the larger Star Trek family.  Oh… Anson Branan his a tree with his truck.  Enjoy, and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list on our website.  We’ll be sending updates via newsletter.  Have a great summer!

Music for this episode was provided by Little Glass Men under a Creative Commons Attribution license.  Tracks:

Cloud Launching


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