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David Waddell is CEO and Chief Investment Strategist for Waddell & Associates. He also plays a mean guitar and has a knack for distilling the complex maze that is our national economy down to an easily digestible form. Which is a good thing given that Anson was a theater major and Branan studied “Fine Arts”. Dave also explains what he learned about the Chinese economy while spending a year living in Hong Kong, and how robots are now controlling a surprising amount of trade. Yes. Robots.

WHATRYADOIN’ – Jonathan Meiburg

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Jonathan Meiburg (from TWP004 and TWP005) returns as our first ever return guest. We check in with Jonathan who is staying very productive under lockdown producing two albums for his two bands SHEARWATER and LOMA while editing his first book about the evolution of his favorite South American raptor – the striated caracara. Among other topics discussed: The unsung role of the Antarctic in evolution, working with a legend in modern music, the comfort and nostalgia of a ring tone, and what Texas pastime he shares with George W. Bush. 

WHATRYADOIN’ – Brad Paisley, Part 2

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We’ve all probably heard one or two good country music stories. Well, Brad Paisley is about to raise the bar.

For more information on Brad’s music, charities and everything else, check out his website.

For more information on Lou Barlow’s music and adventures, make sure to check out his highly entertaining website.

WHATRYADOIN’? – Brad Paisley, Part 1

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In our new segment, we’re calling folks to see what they’re doing to stay creative during the coronavirus lockdown. Brad Paisley kicks us off by telling us about how his charitable, free grocery THE STORE was open only two days when the virus took hold in the US. Now he’s figuring out how to get the food TO the people who need it.

You can find out more about Brad’s music and charitable work at his website.

The Drop – Part 5 – “Quarantine Shmorantine”

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Anson and Branan come to you straight from Anson’s Connecticut property where they are literally quarantined from one another. Join us for a deep dive into the history of pandemics and the mystery of viruses.

You can find out more about Carl Zimmer and his book “A Planet of Viruses” here.

You can see the preview for the film “The One I Love” (2014) here. It is available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and many other platforms.

Addition music for this episode provided by Greivous Angels under a Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivatives Non-commercial 3.0 US License. You can find out more about them at their website here, and the track “Home Sick Home” can be found here.

The Drop – Part 4 – “Hardcore Music History”

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Branan opens class in the School of Hardcore with the help of author Michael Azerrad, and Anson shares his adventures in Vietnam.

You can find Michael Azerrad’s book “Our Band Could Be Your Life” here.

You can find Emily St. John Mandel’s “Station Eleven” here.

The Drop – Part 3 – “The Port Loophole”

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Anson shares stories from his trip to Portugal. Branan and Anson share what’s making them excited in the worlds of film, TV, books and podcasts. Anson pours some port and Branan tells the amazing story of “The Port Loophole”. NOTE: Listen and find out how you can become a co-producer of an upcoming episode (which involves helping him to not die on a deserted island).

Michael Rosenbaum – “The Power of Fear” – TWP051

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Michael and Anson go back a while, but it’s also been a minute since they’ve seen each other. Two friends analyze the odd truths that come with age; then Michael discusses his relationship to fear, and how meeting that fear head-on through music has led him to greater growth and happiness.

You can find Left on Laurel’s first album “Saved By The Ground” on iTunes or by clicking here. You can also find their facebook page here.